Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Man Repeller

My fashion spirit animal is none other than Leandra Medine or otherwise known as The Man Repeller.  Medine is a direct representation of everything that is right with the world. She’s a witty, independent woman with an unapologetic unique sense of style. (Which landed her the name Man Repeller in the first place.) I had heard of the Man Repeller long before I started religiously following her every post, tweet, instagram you name it (sorry not sorry?) but I had never found myself interested. THAT IS until I came across this picture on tumblr of woman in a 5 piece ensemble and of course it was none other than the famous The Man Repeller.( It was like a fashion awakening-really) My first thoughts were… FINALLY someone who stands out from the rest!

The mix of flower and animal prints with a hint of polka dots is pure genius.

As Man Repeller said “Oh yes, I went there.”
Yes… you did and it’s genius. She breaks every rule when it comes to fashion and

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